Ciao from Sunny Sicilia

It’s been pretty damn hard not to get all wistful these last few days. Duncan and I had our last day off excursion together on Sunday and then last day off excursion with the gang for his birthday on Monday. I’ve had probably my last meal out with another tour wife. I’ve even had my last hotel room picnic dinner. And worst of all, tomorrow is, somehow, my last full day on tour. *backofhandtoforehead*

Being able to recognize that this is just a bit overwrought – and knowing I’ll probably see these people again at the end of the year – doesn’t completely stop this sentimental inner monologue. At best, I can quiet it down enough to just enjoy the sunny (ALWAYS SUNNY) days I’ve spent hanging round the hotel and town we’re near, going into Catania proper, visiting ruins and cool contemporary art in unexpected places, driving around the volcano, relaxing poolside, popping in the ocean ever so briefly and then watching the crabs and jellyfish until Duncan has to get ready for work. Oh my god, also, eating cannoli and granita (chocolate granita WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHERE HAVE I BEEN??) and pizza and pasta. Burp.

You know. That kind of relaxed stuff.  The super-relax factor has been helped by the HEAT of midday. You can quickly understand why everything shuts down for much of the afternoon, before re-opening for dinner. I would not want to be here in August.

For our Last Day tomorrow, we’re going with the gang to Siracusa, which will undoubtedly be beautiful, include some ruins and a nice old town, and maybe a beach visit. We’ll have dinner. I probably won’t post about it since my last plane trip as tour wife is early Friday morning. Instead, ask me about it when you see me next. Ciao!

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