Plan B Approaches

I’m writing this by the pool, surrounded by Italian, Quebecois, American and Dutch accents, to name a few. My big priority today has been to avoid getting sunburned and swim a few laps ahead of going to see the show. Shows are late here, so there are still a few acrobats and other artists lying about, along with technicians who might have the day off or who also don’t need to be in yet. There are also non-show people busying up the deck with their children and agendas. Yesterday was almost as lazy, though it featured a scooter ride and a cannoli, not to mention spending most of the sunshine hours with my husband.

The market in town here makes me want to weep. We’re going to toodle around Sunday, Monday, and probably next Thursday and see more of this beautiful island. Of all the cities and places we’ve been in recently, Sicily is truly an excellent place to finish out my time on tour.

I’ve been spoiled by European cities, first trips to Africa and the Middle East, a return trip to South East Asia. We’ve seen amazing ruins (damn those Romans got around) and stunning countryside. And despite living on top of each other in hotel rooms for months, we’re still friends.

The original Plan A included a triumphant return to Toronto in mid-June. If I’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s to couch things in conditional terms. The more the tour changed and finalized its plans, the more we reconsidered ours.

I fly back to Toronto on June 15. Duncan will stay with the tour.

So in some ways, our lives will pick up where we left off in December: texts, skypes, and tour breaks together. Although this may not be the finale I was hoping for, I know we can do it. Again. And we’ll have one hell of a party in January – assuming the latest plan holds.

In the meantime, I’ve told Duncan to make sure he limits the amount of fun he has without me. And it seems I’ve swung from frugal traveller mode into self-indulgent vacation mode. If you need me before June 15, I’ll be eating and buying ALL THE THINGS. Or at least lying by the pool dreaming about all the cannolis and most of the pizzas.

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One Response to Plan B Approaches

  1. jennyfer Brickenden says:

    Endulge away. Enjoy your final week!! See you Toronto. Lots of Love, Jenn and Scott

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