I’m working on it, I swear

Ah shit you guys, I’m a month behind! The three weeks of holiday time with Duncan were immediately followed by an amazing week in Beirut with friends visiting from home. Week two of Beirut is now well underway and my head is exploding as I try to understand Beirut or Lebanon or this region even a bit. Hah! Hah! The chips cluttering up my brain don’t help. Mmmmmmmchiiiiiips….

I’m working on catch up posts but between my overstimulated, cluttered brain and upcoming debut as a laundry bitch an important, if temporary addition to the crew, my posts might be a little thin. To distract you/set the tone/because I feel like it, here is a photo that is at once adorable and disgusting: a little kitten, asleep face first on its raw meat morsel in the souk of Saida, Lebanon. Isn’t that sweet? No? Have I hit a new low in blogging and food pictures? MAYBE SO.

Slightly more substantial and potentially less scattered posts coming, if I can ever upload photos at a reasonable speed.


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