Casa: out of the ordinary

Being in Casablanca in my capacity as Official Tour Wife did yield some experiences more unique than those you read about on Casablanca travel sites:

1: Surprise trip to Rabat

I met Duncan at work one evening in the first week so we could go to the Ambassador’s residence for a shindig. I only heard that it would take more than an hour to get there as I walked to the shuttle. And only found out it was actually in Rabat once we were hurtling down the highway. It makes sense, of course, since that’s the capital n’all. And it didn’t really matter to me, since my plans for the next day were non-existent.

However, the length of the trip undoubtedly contributed to the fairly small contingent that went (especially as compared with the last such function we attended). Our small numbers made it all but impossible to avoid small chat with the various officials, expats, etc. in attendance. I shuddered every time someone came over to us. I’m not an artist! Or even employed by the company! You don’t want to talk to me! Since the floor refused to swallow me up I concentrated on alternately cramming my mouth with canapés and smiling by Duncan’s side to make up for my lack of interesting, show-related stories to tell.

Until I met a couple of Official Wives who had their own stories about “following” their partners around. Awesome stories and kickass ladies, who put me at ease – but whose level of kickass-ness far exceeds my own. R actually challenged me to transform into one of them within a month. I responded by grabbing another custard from a nearby tray and sending Duncan for more wine.

Partying with snakes:

The show marked a major milestone while in Casablanca so there was a party planned for the middle Sunday evening (before the two days off when we went to Fes). Again, I didn’t know what to expect – especially since my work parties tend to be boardroom potlucks. This was pretty damn far from that, taking place in a Moroccan mansion where a large band had a frenetic jam session for 20 minutes to announce the arrival of each shuttle bus.

There was a huge spread of food, shisha pipes, do-it-yourself barbeque meat and a whole backyard of entertainment featuring snake charmers, fortune tellers and – naturally – ponies. What can I say? It was kind of hilarious and slightly weird. Fun? Definitely.

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