Get a load of these lemons

Duncan had to interrupt me one day a number of weeks ago to point out that I was getting fully ensconced in the tour’s rhythms: I was telling the passage of time by what city I had been in when something happened. The exact dates are extra un-meaningful to a professional layabout like me. Knowing what city I was in when something happened lets me place it in my current trajectory.

And so: it was back in Bratislava that they announced the cancellation of two weeks of work that were supposed to follow Casablanca, creating a three week tour break we hadn’t counted on. You’d think our reaction would have been excitement. Instead it threw us into a bit of a tailspin – when Duncan’s on break he’s not getting paid. We went through a variety of options, none of which seemed super appealing as we’d counted on a certain number of weeks of work back when we planned this whole adventure.

However. I’m not clambering to go back to work early. There’s the whole, once in a lifetime opportunity element to this adventure, unexpected twists and turns and all. And so we sucked it up and decided to go to Southeast Asia. Because when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? We leave tomorrow.

Before you leave a snide comment, dude, please. I know. This is more like expecting a chocolate cake in a hotel and getting a curry and a mango shake on a beach instead. I’m just sayin’, this wasn’t the original plan, it surprised us, but goddamn it we’re going to make the most of it.

We land in Bangkok for a few days, hope to visit Angkor Wat, and then plan to head south to some Thai islands for nature + beach + relax time. True to form on this tour, we’re going at a time of year that’s not highly recommended: we can expect extreme heat and the islands we want to hit up will likely be coming into the wet season. Oh well. We’ve shaved Duncan’s head. I found some shorts. We’ll sweat. We’ll get wet. SUFFERING.

I was lucky enough to visit some of these places almost eight years ago; it will be amazing to go back with my husband in tow so that we can discover new stuff and so I can introduce him to the art of inverse parabalization (aka hammock time).

And if I’ve managed to figure out teh intertubes, there should be a steady flow of posts over the next three weeks to clear out the backlog of the March tour break and Casablanca. Maybe I’ll post from the road too… but don’t hold your breath. Inverse parabalization takes a lot of dedication and focus.

November 2003, Southern Thailand. See ya again soon!

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