Tour Break: Athens

There’s not a lot going on this week so more than caught up, I should have a bunch of navel-gazing posts ready to go over the next few weeks. And yet I seem to have lost whatever small amount of blogging mojo I had.

So instead of a well-crafted series of themed tour break posts, y’all are going to get the same old “I went here and then I ate some stuff!” posts. Especially since the internet is painfully slow – I just waited three hours to upload the small number of photos you can peruse below. Hope you like them!

Anyway, for starters, we went to Athens! We ate some stuff! It was great!

Athens is hard on the head history-wise. As a city, it left me lukewarm. A beautiful setting, but the city itself (aside from the obviously-amazing main sites) seemed kinda meh, at least what we saw of it. It’s like they’re having some issues these days or something…

The people were generally quite nice, though, most especially the woman at one home cooking place who patiently translated the menu for us and then made recommendations, followed by the most amazing food ever. The guy we rented a small apartment from for our stay was also awesome, full of info about the area and where to find “Greek cooked food”.

Renting an apartment was one of our better life choices. Duncan cooked dinner a couple of nights, we watched a movie or two, did laundry. It was so nice to eat hot food without having a waiter circling with a bill! I didn’t even resent doing the dishes. It was also cheaper than most hotel options we found so you know, there’s that.

We crammed ourselves full of ancient history and ruins for three days, followed by a chilled out day on a suburban beach. I had a bit of a cold which slowed us down, perhaps, but all-in-all it was a pretty wicked trip. Democracy! Theatre! Plato! Socrates! Tzatiki! How can you go wrong? Be it resolved, however, that a return trip is most certainly required to hit up some Greek islands.

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4 Responses to Tour Break: Athens

  1. Val says:

    OMG! Everything about Athens is fantastic. Eating Greek salad in Greece…hmmm.
    Loved the photos.

  2. AJ says:

    Holy moly! Packed sunny awesomeness. Athens looks so amazing.

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