OK so here’s the thing:

I have about a million posts brewing about tour break – the good, the great, the bizarre, and the sicknesses. What’s a travel blog without some whining about being sick while on the road? Not to mention at least something short about “running a race” in Rome.

But what I really want to talk about first, before it’s all over, is my progress in saving my soul proving that I’m stronger than fried potatoes, AKA, giving up all forms of fried potatoes for Lent (and most fried foods).

The update is simple: I have prevailed!!

Fried-potato craving in Cappadocia. Don't worry, it passed, and victory will be mine in two short days!.

Yes, we were a bit lax on the absolutely-no-fried foods over tour break. This was previously-agreed upon. C’mon people – I worked for a major health charity for long enough to know that goals need to be realistic. However, as far as fried potatoes go, I haven’t had a single one since Vienna. Not one delicious potato chip, french fry, wedge, breakfast potato, etc, etc, etc.

If you’ve read more than one post on this blog (which I describe to people as basically comprising: “I went there and then I ate some stuff!”), you know I haven’t exactly been suffering for lack of delicious food to indulge in. I’m growing a little tour gut as a souvenir. Ahem.

Anyway, as expected, I’m kind of over it. Fried potatoes, I mean. I feel like I could take them or leave them in a way that is refreshing and was sort of the whole point of this exercise.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely hoping we can have some kind of Easter shindig this weekend and invite ALL OF THE CHIPS OMG. Duncan gestured at the chip aisle in the grocery store yesterday to reassure me that there would be PLENTY of chips to invite (as another aside, it is kind of depressing that you can get chips everywhere, though I guess we’re in major cities…). But overall, I’m hoping that I’ll be more capable of restraint even once fried potatoes have been reintroduced. Or at least, fewer fried potato gorge-fests… hey, a lady who lunches must have goals.



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