Rome Rules

I instituted a strict rule this week of just being where are are. In other words, no side trips. Sure, there are things outside Rome that are cool. Amazing, even. But this is ROME. So what if we spent 3 days here last year? There is such a wealth of sights, plus eats, plus just being here is awesome. Plus I’m tired of running around.

This week marks the first time Duncan and I have come back to a place that we discovered together. We’ve both been to Paris, for example, but were there without each other first. It’s incredibly awesome, actually, to see some of the same things as well as to do/see/eat new stuff. To mark the occasion, we repeated a few photographs (and ate some of the same things, as previously mentioned).

Jan 2011: Look honey! We're in the Colosseum!

March 2012: Look honey! We're outside the Colosseum!

Jan 2011: I'm gonna do a dumb tourist pose, take my picture!!

March 2011: remember the dumb tourist pose I did out front of this thing last time?

Duncan had the requisite Monday off and another full day free on Thursday. I also hung with a friend and her mom, her mom again, some tour wives, and some other friends. All-in-all it’s been a fairly social week, though low key in terms of Agenda.

The amazingly warm weather hasn’t inspired me to devote a wholelotta time to museums – though the churches I’ve popped into have had plenty of art. Besides, we blitzed museums last time (not that there aren’t more…). I think I’ve averaged 5-6 hours of walking a day. More some days, almost none yesterday (I chilled in small “neighbourhood” near the hotel instead). I swear to God I thought my legs and feet were gonna separate themselves from me in protest. Is this more than I’ve done in other cities? I guess. The sunshine (vitamin D!) keeps me distracted. I even joined the ranks of those who can “forget” to eat – if you know me, you know that this is highly unusual. Possible it had something to do with the feast the night before…

We hit up Castel Sant’angelo on Dunc’s other day off. I walked by and around the steps and fountain (you know the ones) several times. Not to mention the forum and palatine (actually went in this time) and Colosseum, which are amazing. It’s all amazing. It makes your head hurt. In a really pleasant way that is helped by a bit of espresso. Which you can even enjoy in the metro. And I do mean enjoy. The shot you get there might not change your life, but it will be 100x better than what you can get most places back home, a man in a vest and bow tie will serve it to you, and you will drink it right there at the counter (from a real cup on a real saucer), before carrying on with your day. And maybe a lady with a bag bursting full of artichokes will almost bump into you as you pass by some ruins.

Arrivederci Roma! *cue accordion* I will come back again and again if I can. If my coin toss works as well as it did the first time ’round, that should be in about 15 months!

floating heads + Trevi Fountain

floating heads + Spanish Steps (under all those people)

just a church nbd

still amazing on a second visit

Thanks to eavesdropping on a tour guide, I determined that the mound of dirt back there is considered Caesar's "tomb". Ides of March! No really. It was the 15th.

heavy load

why should one's dog-walking and guitar-practicing be at odds?

do you find my automobile amuuuusing?


Views from the top of the castle. That's the Vatican back there.

You wanna look at our Athens book for a few minutes while we're up here? #wtfisupwithourlives

Castle bar! Vatican in the rear


when I die can I have a pyramid tomb that gets integrated into city walls and lasts for over 2000 years? Plz?

old walls

have I mentioned that it's spring here?

circo massimo - if only I had my chariot on me!

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2 Responses to Rome Rules

  1. AJ says:

    i also want this car. can you also get that fed ex’ed to me? looks like it weighs less than some of my previous luggage

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