Roma: some things what I ate

and what other people ate. And what we drank.

I’ve been carbo-loading all week. As luck would have it, this is an excellent strategy to prepare for tomorrow’s activity, which I’ll blog about later.

I’ve balanced being reasonably frugal with enjoying some amazing food and have had no disappointing meals, including my hotel room picnics which have been dramatically improved through the addition of fresh tomatoes.

Still one more day to go, but here are some pics for now. My faves may be the pizza consumed in the square… twice in one square, once in another… or maybe the cacio e pepe from last night… A++, 100%, Rome.

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6 Responses to Roma: some things what I ate

  1. in80plays says:

    This blog is not making me jealous at all, Heather. Not at all.


  2. Val says:

    I want pizza. RIGHT NOW!!!

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  4. AJ says:

    i want that pizza!!!!!!! nom nom nom

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