Things I learned at Chamonix-Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the tallest peak in Western Europe.

You can take a cable car up to L’Aiguille du Midi and have amazing views not only of Mont Blanc, but also the alps basically all around you, and Chamonix below.

The cable car ride is mildly terrifying, somewhat expensive, but so totally worth it.

There is also an elevator through the mountain to go up a bit higher still.

Travelling up to almost 3,900M (or 12,000 feet) is a good way to feel like someone spiked your punch without you noticing. Having a conversation while also walking (let alone going up and down stairs) is (pant pant) impossible (pant pant).

Once you’re up there, you can see the INSANE people skiing and mountain climbing. These people will likely make a non-winter sports person feel like an inferior specimen (especially since if you could barely stomach the box of death cable car ride up).

The sense of wonder and space is impossible to capture through photos, at least with our limited equipment and skill. Use your imagination – and if you ever have the chance, even to make a three hour trip like we did, DO IT.

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