Road Tripping

Alternate Title:

A long drive to the laundromat

As soon as I arrived in Dijon (after a seven hour drive) it was time to go fetch another rental car for our Tuesday road trip. We had just enough time Monday evening to grab some mustard and a tasty dinner of STEAK (sans frites)

I insisted we make it to the Maille shop before it closed, since the working folk wouldn't have another chance. The stuff on tap was strrrrong. And delicious.

These buildings were also cute.

What's a self-respecting town without a carousel?

Duncan enjoying his Kir - local invention, apparently

We shared the entree and dessert of a formule. Eggs in (beefy) red wine/tomato sauce. Better than expected

Dunc's steak looked prettier than mine

...sorry what? Was just reliving my food coma...

Tuesday morning we stocked up on essential supplies (croissants, baguette, cheese…) and struck out Evian-bound: a friend and colleague of Dunc’s from home just so happened to be in Evian on vacation and had room for us + another couple to pop down for the night. MY LIFE IS HARD.

It’s about a 3/3.5 hour drive from Dijon. Longer if you take the scenic route in search of a photography museum (closed on Tuesdays??? Seriously??) and wineries (let’s go over more unpaved back country roads! And down people’s driveways! Oh look, while we consult our maps here comes a friendly older woman who wants to basically sit ON our driver and tell us the good wine to try! Too bad our driver speaks the least French of all of us and thinks she might kill him!). We also stopped in at some other museum thing that was large, open, but awfully expensive. So we perused the gift shop before heading up to Evian where great company, a bonafide house (including laundry that we attempted to break!), wine, cheese, and a home cooked meal awaited us. Yay!

Courtyard of the closed museum. yeah... I work out. nbd.

Duncan's been playing with hair product lately.

Town of closed museum had some pretty churches! That's right. I don't remember the town's name and I'm LAZY.

All I care about is treats...

We finally found wine! Yay!

Every town has something different in their big roundabout

The museum we didn't go into had a large shop and bar/cafe/venue. That crazy music machine was turned on suddenly while we gawked. It was... loud.

That big round of cheese was demolished. SO GOOD.

A dining room table! No servers circling with a bill!

View from the house in the morning - Lake Geneva is over yonder

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