We had the perfect combination this week: hotel right in the centre of town, amazing weather most days, an accessible city bike share program, across the street from a massive hypermarché, not to mention a language I can sort of, kind of pretend to speak. And French bread. And yes, the wine, though I’ll admit I didn’t partake as much as I might have. What can I say, after 3 days of heightened crazy traveling around and profiting (read: hemorrhaging money), I felt it was my Duty to be a bit more frugal the rest of the week.

I was far from a martyr, however. I hid one day, doing research for an upcoming tour break (thank God the view from our room is crummy, so I can ignore the awesomeness). I spent Friday cruising around on the bikes and on foot, getting turned around but not caring since the weather was divine and I had nowhere to be. I was downright ruddy by the end of day, all pink n’freckly. Divine.

The weekend’s been a bit rainy, so I took advantage of some of the free museums – le musée d’Aquitaine about the region’s history, including a newer exhibit about Bordeaux’s contribution to the slave trade and related colonial joys. Gives a different lens to the drooly beautiful architecture around the city.

I “picked myself up” (note: sarcasm) with a visit to le centre Jean Moulin which focuses on the region/France in WWII, especially the resistance. Lots of cool artifacts, though I was already two hours deep into museum brain so my ability to read French was suffering. That didn’t really matter for the temporary exhibit on the second floor focused on “la destruction des Juifs d’Europe sous le nazisme en Europe centrale, orientale, du sud-est et les pays baltes.” Heaps of disturbing archival photographs. My thoughts about the exhibit are mixed but suffice to say it was affecting.

We’re not moving until tomorrow morning, so today was spent checking out the  Le CAPC musée d’art contemporain (between exhibits so not much to see, but the building was well worth the visit; a huge old warehouse), biking around some more, trying in vain to find a food store that’s open, watching a bit of the carnival parade (which was actually kind of unimpressive… at least the bit I saw. Fun, but unimpressive), and catching up with another tour wife. I’ve been mostly hotel picnicking for my meals (see above re: being frugal) but DAMN could I slaughter a steak. AND SOME CHIPS OH GAWD I WOULD LIKE SOME CHIPS OR FRIES.


From what I’ve gather we’re staying in outer reaches of Dijon next week, but it’s a short work week again so we’re gonna do another excursion (another reason I’ve been frugal the last four days). Think overpriced water…

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3 Responses to Bordeaux

  1. Annabelle says:

    Croissants, I think, would be more-than-acceptable substitutes for chips if you tore one into chip-sized pieces and ate slowly. Or MACARONS!!! (*note: eating a bowl of macarons like they are chips may not be frugal or entirely healthy. But I would like to get that vicarious experience THX)

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