Graz-Vienna-Milan-Bordeaux-San Sebastian-Bordeaux-St Emilion-Bordeaux: Part II

Part II: San Sebastian-SURPRISE DESTINATION-Bordeaux

San Sebastian is about 2.5-3 hours drive from Bordeaux which is quite comfortable when you have a FREAKIN’ BUS:


Miraculously, we got a parking spot right outside our pension that was free overnight. It was tight, so all the Men helped

Once parked, it was off to find pinxtos (tapas), sangria and whatever else we could scare up. I managed to impress Duncan with my Spanish “skills” basically by saying “yes, please” when asked if I wanted something hot. Thanks, one year of Spanish studies! Also, a shout out to sangria for making this seem impressive to my husband.

We finished the evening in a random bar that has a Monday night open jam that involved a lot of reggaefied covers. The highlight was probably the 4’7″ (approx) middle-aged Spanish dude who danced HARD to every single cover on offer.

on the hunt in the old town - looks cuter than it smelled (garbage night)

The heroes went running the following morning, taking in the sun and beautiful city. I slept some more, trying to shrug off two nights of too many drinks and not enough sleep until they got back and we all trekked around town (including a protracted period of time trying to park el minibus). I think I finally shook the last of my cobwebs around noon, which was my loss since we left town a couple hours later when everyone seemed to be closing up for siesta.

In any case, I did manage to gather that San Sebastian is a gorgeous city with a lovely quality of life what with the amazing beach n’all. You know, assuming you have a decent job, etc, and can take full advantage.

For our final act in San Sebastian, we had some snacks and drinks in this square. I got freckles.

I had an olive and at first, didn't like it. As usual. But then I had more and did like them. It was confusing.

One of our group suggested that since we had a lot of daylight left we might as well stop in at Hossegor (SURPRISE DESTINATION that I forgot when titling this series), a surf town in France.

Holy crap, in some ways this was my favourite part of the day, if only because it was so unexpected. Never heard of the place before, but feel as though I’d like to live there. You know, when I’m independently wealthy. I’m sure it gets annoying in high season but I can see why – the beach is AMAZING. Huge. Long. Beautiful. Waves (almost every shop in the wee downtown seemed to be catering to the surf trade). It reminded both Duncan and I a bit of Australia. And topping the day off with caramel-fleur-de-sel gelato before heading back to Bordeaux was perfectly delicious.

Any guesses how long ago that sign was hung?

We couldn't see past the dune over yonder. Or the end of the beach in the other direction

shortly after this photo was taken, my head exploded

cork trees!

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3 Responses to Graz-Vienna-Milan-Bordeaux-San Sebastian-Bordeaux-St Emilion-Bordeaux: Part II

  1. Anne W says:

    Margie put me onto your blog. I love all your pics, and equally love your commentary. However, I admit to a serious case of travel envy. Look forward to more of your news,

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