Graz-Vienna-Milan-Bordeaux-San Sebastian-Bordeaux-St Emilion-Bordeaux – Part I

The title of this post sums up where I’ve been in the past five-six days – and, by extension, what has kept me too busy to post anything other than yesterday’s pictures.

Part I: Graz – Vienna – Milan – Bordeaux

I left Graz midday Sunday on the train to Vienna (yes, again – it’s a pretty ride, you should try it!). From there, the four of us travelling together flew to Milan and overnighted at an airport hotel, managing to score some tasty dinner at a nearby resto still open at 9:30 on a Sunday night:

I had some of the CHEESEYUMMM

I did not eat this pizza, but hear it was vair nice

I did eat this. And drank too much red wine.

I was hoping for/intending on at least 5-6 hours of sleep. We ended up with more like 3 and a bit. My roommate’s alarm went off at 4:30 sharp so we could get back to the airport for our 7:10 flight to Bordeaux. I’m pretty sure I was still feeling the red wine…

As an aside, if this seems like a weird routing or overly complicated transfer, trust me: we looked at it approximately 40 bazillion different ways. This was the cheapest way to get between these cities by several hundred dollars, even factoring in a fun dinner out.

Monday morning there were tea and cookies out at the hotel and proper Italian espresso available at the airport (once we battled through the crazy lines). The espresso might have been a bad call, however, as my heart was doing jigs while we waited in yet another line to board the plane. Fortunately, it didn’t make me a nervous flyer – instead of panicking about our impending doom, I gawked at the Alps, all pink with the rising sun.

1.5 hours later, our very jolly cab driver cheerfully told us how awesome Bordeaux is to visit (she hasn’t been wrong). I think I walked into the hotel room at around 9:30, about 22.5 hours after I left the hotel room in Graz. Not as epic as Southern New Zealand – China, but tiring nonetheless.

Once in the hotel room, the folly of the espresso became really apparent – all I wanted was a nap but I was way too wired. HI HONEY!! I’M TIRED!! (maniacal laughter for no reason). I eventually managed to crash for almost two hours when Duncan left with his friend R to pick up our rental car.

But before we could depart for Spain, we had to at least look at Bordeaux a bit. Luckily, the city has an AMAZING city bike share system, and is pretty easy to cruise around. Our group of six had a great ride around town before we packed ourselves in the rental and headed for Spain.

Bordeaux's tram system is relatively new (2003-08ish)

Grand Theatre - note tram tracks right in front

It was really warm. I was really excited.

Bordeaux is hideous; never go there

Watching the bike polo by the water


This church has some awesome, new stained glass. There was an exhibit, but it was too much French to read in my underslept state

my interpretation: "GIRL, seriously? Get up and dance"

Hotel de Ville

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