Fat Wien Tuesday

While discussing the proposed Lent Challenge, one of Dunc’s colleagues asked me what I was doing on Tuesday (of this week). “How cute,” I thought, “she thinks I might have plans!”. I didn’t. So I joined her on a day trip to Vienna.

Vienna is about two hours closer to Bratislava than to Graz, but neither of us made it there from Slovakia. No matter – the train ride, like I said, is vair nice. We pulled into town around 11am and got the 7:00pm train back to Graz. Never enough time, but my eyes soaked up as much as possible. There was a little room in my brain, too, though it’s growing crowded.

It was another amazing day of sun, clear skies, and NO snow to be found. We eschewed museums so we could take in the town. We did, however, time it well enough to take a tour of the Vienna Opera. Holy crapballs, what an operation. 10 month season, 80 million Euro budget, awesome building.

Yeah, yeah, culture awesome ok whatever. My favourite part was probably the tour guide himself. He was very dignified, tall, wore a sensible sweater and subtle glasses, had a lovely accent and was incredibly well-informed and spoken. You know, like you might expect of a tour guide at an opera. I noticed partway through, however, that under that sensible sweater was a very in-shape person. And since I spend too much time watching TV and not nearly enough at the Opera, an image of shirtless Ned Flanders flew into my head. As we moved to the next hall I whispered this profound observation to my travel companion who was busy admiring the architecture. She conceded a snicker.

M: “Yeah, he works out.”

spareteeth: “I bet he cross country skis because he’s hard core.”

M: “While yodeling.”

spareteeth: uncomfortably-loud laugh “Or at least singing some arias”.

I laughed loudly enough to get a dissapproving glance from our stacked guide who was preparing to inform us about the emperor’s room or some such nonsense. Vienna FTW!

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