Farwell Delicious Chips

Fun fact: I have an unhealthy love of, nay, devotion to fried potatoes.

When I was younger this love was totally indiscriminate. As a mature adult, I now worship two types: kettle cooked plain (well, salted) and salt and vinegar. I’ve been known to grow impatient when someone takes too long to decide since, in my view, the choice is simply between one of those two options. That said, while Europe has been less-than-ideal for chip selection I’ve still managed to consume plenty. And don’t even get me started on fries – good, hand cut ones anyway.

I blame my most recent, irrational love of deep-fried potatoes on a Naturopath who had me on a sugar/yeast cleanse almost two years ago. I was a diligent patient, faithfully following the plan. I did not, however, faithfully plan ahead and would routinely wind up “trapped” while out – hungry, with no food on me, and few options. But I could always find plain chips or fries: potatoes, oil, salt. Bam! Hunger vanquished! I like to think I have some self-awareness, so I jokingly called it my Chips Cleanse.

Thing is, while I slowly reintroduced sugar, chips and fries remained a key food group in my effed-up, single lady diet. At times, they might have been in direct competition with hummus for first place. Have I ever mentioned that I wound up with numerous deficiencies last year, culminating with legs that were so twitchy I used the Google machine to self-diagnosis with ALS? Not my best moment.

Now, remember the post about how great I’m becoming at just going with the flow? I’d link to it but the internet here is being testy, so too bad. Anyway, turns out that was a bit fleeting. During a recent bout of hotel room crazies, I decided that I needed a challenge. I also realized that Lent was coming up. I’m no believer, but hey! It’s an existing time frame for a fun challenge.

I sent a call-out to a few fellow tour-ers, to see who might be interested in joining me in some self-denial. My initial proposal to give up fried potatoes was seen and raised to all fried food, at least until tour break (three weeks or so). At least three of us are on this wagon now. We might have weekly support meetings.

Mardi Gras in Vienna: farewell, my delicious fried potatoes!

I’m gonna see if I can stick out the no-fried-potatoes rule for all of Lent if only to prove to them thar taters that I’m in charge, as I’m pretty sure my soul is already a lost cause.

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