I liked it here very much. Now I’m killing time till I grab my train to Budapest where I’m spending most of the weekend. I’ll return next week from Austria, with some good pics and stories – I hope.

Here’s a wimpy mostly-pictures post till then. I’ll add that it’s been a nice few days, if a little punchy now and then. I looked into doing a day trip but guess what? Lots of stuff is shut down in the winter. I suffered through some work outs, pool time, steam room time (ZOMG), going to see the show (INSANE audience!), and some drinks with friends, including getting to know some of the (heroic, these past few weeks) truck drivers. All in all, a pretty nice week.

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2 Responses to Bratisawesome

  1. michael hodgson says:

    Hi Heather, love the on going sotry of your adventure. Pics are great. Uncle M

  2. Scott and Jennyfer says:

    Hi Heather;
    So glad you are having a grand tour of Europe. It is great to see the pics.
    You were both in my dreams last night. We were sitting an a beach together and you had a portable plug in fridge with lots of wine and goodies. Thinking of you both and wishing you well.

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