Crazy in Bratislava

After a day hiding in a hotel room, watching depressing documentaries, eating bread and updating this here blogmijiggy, I was pretty damn happy to leave Bucharest. Sorry town! I’ll try you again sometime when you aren’t buried in snow.

Consistent with how things generally went last week, our group of four ‘tour wives’ + the cutest 1 year old ever were rejected by 3 cabs before the hotel finally managed to convince two cars to take us to the airport. Whatever. You know, SUFFERING. The drivers we eventually got were super nice and we got to the airport amidst freshly-falling snow and heaps of snow on the sides of the road, etc etc, with plenty of time to spare – especially since the flight was late.

We landed in Vienna and trundled our crew into a waiting van cab that spirited us safely to Bratislava. The air outside the airport didn’t freeze my nose hairs! There was no snow in sight! Hallelujah! The hotel gave us warm friggin cookies on check-in, we confirmed that breakfast is included, and discovered that the bathroom floors are heated. I was already in love with Bratislava.

Now let me pause for a minute and tell you a few things about myself (which most of you should already know, since my readership is basically my Mom. Hi Mom!):

  • I am fairly susceptible to caffeine crazies. It’s a bit unpredictable just HOW crazy I get, but at the very least I usually start talking a lot after even one shot of espresso
  • Seeing the sun for the first time in days has a similar effect – like most people, it lifts my mood. The ‘lift’ is just somewhat more pronounced, I think. I’m always going around opening the curtains at my parents’ house (right, Mom?)
  • When I’m already feeling giddy or particularly hyper, or sometimes particularly stressed out, random things will set me off into hysterical laughing fits. This sometimes continues the next day or even beyond, when I think about both the ‘thing’ and my reaction to it. That’s right: I remember how ridiculous I was, and then cackle insanely. I’M CRAZY but at least I’m easily entertained. Dogs or other animals are the most frequent culprits. For a good couple of months when I was 16, all you had to say was “dog on rollerskates” and I would lose my mind.

Ahem. Where was I?

We also went back in time one hour by coming here, so Dunc and I woke up fairly early Monday morning (relatively speaking). Eager to explore, we gobbled some breakfast. Espresso isn’t included in the breakfast buffet, but percolated coffee is so I happily gulped down two cups. Maybe 3? The sun was also out – or mostly out, popping in and out between the clouds. Did I mention there was no snow on the streets? And that this town is beautiful, all recently-spruced, old, and generally pretty?

All of this combined to keep me operating in UP HERE ALL DAY!!LIKE A COMPLETE NUT JOB!!!!RANDOM OBSERVATIONS!!!LOTS OF SINGING!!! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Poor Duncan was exhausted.

Despite my insanity, we cruised around old town, sampled some local dishes (potatoes, cheese, bacon, garlic soup…), managed to just miss connecting with some other folks several times. It was a nice, easy day.

I’m not sure exactly how to explain what happened after dinner back at the hotel. Please review the bullets above, and then imagine a random puppet thing speaking German and getting into all kinds of scenarios. See gallery, below, for images (yes that’s right I took pictures of the TV. SHUT UP).

Now throw in me thinking that we had a voicemail when the light on the desk phone turned on, picking up the phone excitedly to check it, only to hear Duncan say “I’m on the phone, Heather” FROM ONE FOOT BEHIND ME (he had just picked up the phone by the bed to tell a friend down the hall to watch the German puppet thing. I had even heard him say “I gotta tell Ryan”).

My mental imagine of my own stupidity (we have a message!) + day long crazies + German puppet that was by then clearly on some kind of loop = insane laughing fit.

That continued into Tuesday when I stopped myself dead in my tracks TWICE with the memory of my idiocy + German sponge. Who needs paid entertainment?

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3 Responses to Crazy in Bratislava

  1. Val says:

    Love this photo!!

  2. Christine says:

    I read too. 😦

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