Who’s the Real Ambassador?*

I know, I know, I’m obviously spending too much time in the hotel this week, and not nearly enough out exploring Bucharest. So sue me, we’re 6.5km from town and I don’t feel like wasting a ton of money on cabs, much less walking when it’s minus 11 million out.

I went to bed not long after posting about my arrival here in Bucharest. Unfortch, Dunc et al got in way later than expected (around 4:30 a.m.), on account of the abominable weather conditions here and in Bulgaria. Seriously. I bet theirs was the only plane flying that night. This is a long way of saying that we cancelled our plans to do a Bucharest walking tour bright and early Monday morning, and instead took care of life stuff during the day (where life = planning tour break stuff).

I got to tag along to a reception held at the Canadian Ambassador’s Official Residence that evening. It was everything you might expect: lovely, gracious, delicious canapes and lots of mingling – people did their best to seem interested when I indicated my status as a mere tag along, but we all know that the people actually involved in the show are, um, just a little bit more interesting.

Exterior. It was a dark and snowy night...

This is how I usually spend my Monday nights

I still have this song in my head, which I came across during my most recent school days. Totally unrrelated, but this book talks about it, among other things, and how it fits into an interesting part of history.

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2 Responses to Who’s the Real Ambassador?*

  1. Val says:

    I love this photo!

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