Sofia Highlights

Sofia ended up being a funny work week for Duncan. Let’s just say that all this winter crap created some logistical challenges. They were all overcome, but sure effed up his sleep at the end of the week (yay working overnight! yay heroic measures to get everything going!).

That said, it was nice to have extra time off together, especially since we were staying in the centre of old Sofia. We didn’t venture too far beyond that partly due to the cold and partly because there was plenty to see and eat within an easy walk of the hotel.

We found another free walking tour, which was awesome; the guide was super informative about the city’s history in one of those super-smart, kind, “yah I speak four languages but I’m trying to learn my fifth nbd” kind of ways. We met up with a lovely Bulgarian woman who Duncan met on one of his flights en route to Gdansk. She took us for amazing Bulgarian food along with another Canadian she’d befriended since getting here. Have I mentioned that we ate a lot? We did. It’s possible I went to one restaurant five times. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME. The exchange is really favourable and prices vair nice. And there were so many salads. So many! And yogurt! And cheese!

Like I said, we almost went sledding but the fluid work situation (i.e., unclear starting time) eventually made us think better of it. We visited the hotel’s exceptionally bizarre, hot, straight-from-the-80s basement gym a couple of times. We watched the second Indiana Jones movie (1 to go!). My back got sore, then got better. You know. We kicked it.

I was also with the Australian kids for a couple days and we took advantage of the snow. By the second day it was a balmy zero out, transforming the dry fluff into brilliant packing material. Making snowmen with Australian children while Romanian toddlers and their adults gathered round to watch was a fine way to spend my last full day in Sofia. The pictures are trapped somewhere on my cell phone. If/when I figure out how to free them I’ll post some.

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One Response to Sofia Highlights

  1. Tara Maher says:

    Great stories Heather!! What an amazing journey and so much fun! 🙂

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