We have a view this week (unlike the previous two), out over Bucharest’s largest park. Seemingly tons and tons of crows (or crow-like birds) live in this park, and can be seen swirling around. All the more impressive tonight when I walked home from the venue (next door), watching them and listening to their caws as they swooped around the full moon in the frigid cold. These pics don’t do it justice at all.

It’s nigh impossible to capture with our wee point-+-shoots. Their flocks are huge

Sometimes they're right by the window

Sorry about the bad reflection. By the way, the trees are ice-covered, not snow-covered.

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3 Responses to Murderous

  1. Val says:

    Holy cow! Don’t even want to think about their ‘leavings’.

  2. Val says:

    a cawcawphony no doubt!

  3. Jennyfer and Scott says:

    Hi Heather;
    Hope you and Duncan are having a valentine moment.
    When we were in St. Petersburg the crows came home to roost at Peter and Paul Fortress at around 5:30pm. It is amazing to watch the birds come from every direction to come home to roost.

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