In-between all the food, drinks, walking tours, ambles, museum visits (we’ve been to one now! at least!), fruitless (and half-hearted) attempts to get theatre tickets (more on that later), there is still a fair bit of time.

Or so I thought at first.

I was playing with various goals before I came out here, and in the first two weeks or so, to help fill up that time. The last thing I want is to get home in a few months and feel as though I wasted a lot of time doing sweet $%^@ all.

Shut up, you over there rolling your eyes. I’m a Virgo/Type A and therefore need to control things, be productive, have goals, etc etc etc  (it’s my nature lalala I can’t hear you it’s just how I am. Except when I feel like eating chips and watching TV but we’re not talking about that side of me right now).


I’m slowly letting the need to Achieve Things slip to the side, since it mostly gets in the way of the good times and opportunities that come along (I can still hear your eyes rolling so if you’d prefer not to read this post brought to you by Captain Obvious, aka the Queen of #firstworldproblems, may I suggest you look at some cat photos or videos?).

This need to Do and Achieve Things led to an extremely boring meltdown in Malmo – not the crying kind, just the super squirely, angsty kind about Not Doing or Achieving Anything.

This week, however, I’ve started to settle. I realized, for example, that if I stuck strictly to the vague goals I was setting, I would have spent most of the extra time off this week on my own in the hotel room (or a library, or a cafe), rather than out and around Sofia with husband and others, taking in the city and eating copious amounts of salad (and yogurt and cheese and other delicious food) for criminally-low prices. We almost went sledding! How often does one even get the chance to almost go sledding in Bulgaria?

All I’m trying to get at is that I’m finally settling in, at least a bit, and realizing that the in-between time takes care of itself. Duncan still has to work, of course. I’ve looked after some kids a few times, which fills the day and teaches me rather a lot. Otherwise, we pick up breakfast and other provisions at a local grocery store; we find the souvenir pin Dunc wants; we write postcards. Sometimes we watch movies with friends. We book (or research) my transfers for the rest of the time I’m out, look into the upcoming cities and languages, and look into tour break options. IT’S SO TERRIBLE TO BE ME (quick, go look at some cat pictures instead).

We’ve managed to exercise at least more than I was before (which is less for Duncan #badinfluence (is that a thing)), which certainly doesn’t hurt this soft, potato-chip-loving office monkey. I’m gonna not drink for a while and see if that improves my ability to exercise in the morning (wish me luck on that one).

Other than that, I’m  gonna try to be more okay with letting the time in-between take care of itself while still being sure to profiter de l’occasion.

Here we are 'profiting' from a brisk -15C or so in a Sofia park

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2 Responses to In-between

  1. Val says:

    This was a so fun post! Didn’t think even for a moment to watch cat videos.

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