Cruising around Malmo

I have a post brewing about some of the in-between time on tour – in between the awesome excursions, tasty meals, too many drinks, etc. But in the meantime, I’m a bit busy gorging on Bulgarian food ZOMG+otheracronyms=awesomeness.

So for now, here’s a cop-out photo post of our bike ride around Malmo on Friday (Jan 27), and some cruising around I did on my own the next day, which I had totally to myself. Friday was grey and cold, but there were two free hotel bikes and our friend has his folding bike. Memories of bicycle-commuting in winter in Montreal, back when I was hardcore (didn’t value my life?) and would cycle into the snow, over icy streets, with only one eye open.

*Feb 15: something went weird with the slideshow, so I’m just trying to fix it…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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