Gdansk to Malmo

My good intentions to post frequently have been thwarted by a near-complete lack of internet in our room in Malmo. More suffering. Fortunately, Malmo and Copenhagen have been generally awesome. Super pretty, super clean, super easy, super designed, super expensive, and so. many. bikes.

Backing up a bit…

My “free day” was the load out day in Gdansk. Since neither the working folk nor us layabouts were traveling until the next day, a fair few met up in the hotel bar late that night for some drinks. It was a good time. A very good time.

Too much wine + bed at 2a.m. + alarm at 6:45 am = grosssss. The Gdansk airport didn’t help (jackhammering! yay!). I really must learn that inter-Europe flights do not require that you show up super early. In fact, if you do, check-in might not even be open and you might have to stand around with your bags, cursing yourself for not traveling lighter.

The flight to Copenhagen (just across the Öresund from Malmo) was your classic “plane goes up – plane goes down” jump. Though in this case, it was more:  “plane goes up, an hour late, away from the tiny under-construction airport into dreary clouds + snow – plane descends in clear skies, just past the off-shore windmill farm with the cool new bridge glinting in the distance, landing into super-nice airport with the world’s easiest connection to the awesome new train”.

Gotta say, it set the tone for the next couple of sunny days. Amazing what some sunshine and even 11 hours in the happiest place on earth can do for your spirits.

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