Duncan was off yesterday so we planned to cruise around some more in Gdansk and check out Westerplatte. Unfortch, it’s not all that easy to get to the latter in the winter short of a cab or circuitous tram ride, so when Duncan woke up feeling lousy we quickly lost interest (besides, as you may recall, we’re pretty much jerks who fall asleep when trying to do anything related to culture). We just revisited Gdansk, happening across some tasty Mexican food, a beautiful post office, and poking around looking at the cool buildings some more. I noticed the graffiti a lot more this time round on the train and tried to grab a few pictures (with little success).

We also were a bit overwhelmed by the graciousness of a local family who know my parents’ neighbour back home. Despite a failed attempt to get tickets for these folks, our contact asked us to swing by his workplace to meet his wife and daughter and for a ‘nice souvenir’ of Gdansk. The family works in tourism so we ended up with a bag laden with books and maps about Gdansk, as well as t-shirts and some other things. It was a bit much considering we didn’t have anything to offer in return. Encountering over-the-top generosity from strangers (or near-strangers) when travelling always chips away at my inner miser.

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