Clowning Around

Jetlag showed up around 3:15 this morning and stayed with me till 5:30 or so. So much for gym plans.

When Mr. Fitness 2011 (currently in the running for Mr. Fitness 2012) returned from his epic workout, we had breakfast and an easy stroll in Sopot before he had to work.

I’ve seen the clown strolling around the last two days. He doesn’t seem to be actively gathering money, just strutting around, singing, and being a weird clown. After we saw him on the pier, he ended up behind us in line at the grocery store. I think he was buying a lotto ticket.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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3 Responses to Clowning Around

  1. Val says:

    Loved the post.
    Slide show a little quick for my eyes to read the commentary.

  2. Patti Loach says:

    That slideshow feature is dead nifty. I LIKE it!

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