Hot Gdamn

Holy crap I’m in Poland! Far from home – though I guess home sweet home is now this:

All our stuff

I could say a thing or two (or 5) about my flight to Warsaw – about the lady next to me who used my legroom since her large shopping bag and purse took up hers, or about the lack of personal TVs (travesty!!), or the extreme HEAT, or the hotdog bun with melty processed cheese-like substance that was breakfast, or the movies played (a Dolphin Story? really??), or maybe Mr. Knees who kneed me in the back every 2 minutes.

But that’s all long behind me now. And seriously? Pretty sure it qualifies as #firstworldproblems or whatever those crazy tweeting kids call it. I’m in a stupid nice hotel room, relaxed after a day of sightseeing in Gdansk followed by a 35 minute swim. We’re going to watch some movies shortly with Dunc’s friends. An easy start which is good, since we’re both still jetlagged.

This town is pretty, port-y, and an interesting mix of old and Communist-era architecture. Polish as a language baffles me, but people have been pretty nice about our Anglo-ness (including/especially the dudes who sat down with us at dinner last night and asked us for money for beer).

Church in Sopot, where we're staying (20 min slow train outside Gdansk)

Sopot again - may be out of order.

there's a goddamn circus in town!

train station

lovely walking street (Long Market)

Outside the amber museum

screw you, LOT!

It was right t'ick of fhag, so I used my device to try to find the Green Bridge. But the city wireless wouldn't connect me, so we moved on

drainage in the little street that leads to the big church (Mariacka St.)

largest brick church in the world. or maybe just Europe (St Mary's (Bazylika Mariacka))


lunch. you seem to get a ton of food here for not much money

once we left the church the fog had burnt off. we walked across the river to take in the views... and the random old cars

super old crane is just down yonder

men would walk in the wheels to crank things out of the water, or lower masts, in days of yore

heading back to the train station... at about 3pm. Note the sky: the sun was already low-ish by 1:30. Gah.

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2 Responses to Hot Gdamn

  1. Annabelle says:

    wtf the melty yellow buildings in photo #3?

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