Shanghai is very… ALL CAPS. Everything is LOUD and BRIGHT and FAST and OVERSTIMULATING. The future is neon, my friends.

We’ve done this and that since getting here. Got in on the high speed train from Beijing last Saturday (as an aside, I was up at 6am Saturday with a less-severe case of the runs! yay!). We went down to the Bund that night (a main strip along the river, that looks over to Pudong, a ‘special economic zone’). Crazy town.

We’ve discovered that our names are actually “watch, bag, shopping?” – we’re staying right on one of the main shopping drags in town, and there are lots of people who would like to help you acquire just the thing you’re looking for.

I spent load-in day with a couple of Dunc’s colleagues in the hectic Yuyuan Bazaar (it was Sunday, after all, so everything was super-extra jammed). We went up the Pearl TV Tower and in the funny Shanghai Museum at the tower’s base (lots of wax figures to illustrate the city’s history). I watched the dress rehearsal to the show. We wandered in the French Concession. I went to a Pixar exhibit that was free with my hotel room key while Duncan worked.

This and that. It’s been good. Until the last couple of days, of course, but I’ve already filled y’all in on that.

Beijing South Railway Station is massive

Oh Hai, I’m dehydrated on ur train

View from our hotel window, over looking People’s Park and Square. That building in the back has a big sphere in between it’s three peak thingos, so we call it the Eye of Sauron.

Pudong at night, from the Bund. It was Saturday night, so it was CROWDED. Also, I’ve noticed on weeknights it doesn’t seem to be quite as brightly-lit. I think.

The Bund – lots of older buildings and ALL MY NEW BEST FRIENDS.

Back towards Nanjing Road – our hotel is that building towards the end, with the two tall bits. Convenient landmark!

SAD – they’re in a window of a store. Big sea turtles, too.

Yuyuan Bazaar

Yuyuan Gardens

The Bund and Pudong by day

Going down into the ‘sight seeing’ tunnel you can take to get across the river. It’s weird and hilarious

Views from the Pearl TV Tower

I’m saying “I don’t like this!” while Dunc laughs at me in this photo. So I don’t like glass floors a million stories up, so sue me!


The space exhibit on one of the other levels in the tower. Naturally!

Museum back at the base

Taikang Road Art Centre

French concession by night

Dinner at a veggie restaurant. So good we went back for lunch… which wasn’t very good.

People’s Park. I’m always relieved to know which way Starbucks is. Fortunately in Shanghai, they’re in pretty much every direction

Bathroom door in Museum of Contemporary Art. Looks nice enough, right?

Close-up – the bathroom was covered in this, floor to ceiling.

Less-awesome lunch – last ‘normal’ meal we shared, actually!

The dreaded trough was just down the street (*shakesfist*)

We accidentally stumbled across the Cricket-and-other-small-animals market on our way home from lunch. It was nuts and massive (naturally)

View from the hotel at night

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