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We got back from the Great Wall by around 1pm, and found lunch around 2pm.

I’m not used to the server standing at the table waiting for me to choose, so I hurriedly pointed at some green beans, Dunc got some beef, and we tried more hot and sour soup. And each got a beer.

Well, the beers were huge, the beans delicious, and this was the one, coriander-infused soup I liked. But um seriously: the beans were SO GOOD: super fried, salty, SPICY (with chilli and the mouth-numbing pepper and garlic like chicken from the first day) and awesome, I told Duncan to just leave me there so I could eat them forever. Sure, I had spicy stomach of regret around 4:30, but it was totally worth it.

We stumbled/rolled out of lunch and checked out the National Centre for the Performing Arts, grabbing a couple of ballet tickets for the next night, then made our way to the CBD. But the CBD is CRAZYTOWN so we fled quickly, to chill in our hotel a bit before meeting up with a couple of Dunc’s colleagues for dinner.

Giant NCPA

subway to the CBD

Unsuspecting street our hotel was on

Night Market

fried pumpkin… way too long in the wok, but strangely delicious

That is a pile of cold mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce, and some boring greens. As for my eyes, I have no idea

Accidental order of beef that was mostly… beef fat. Ugh. But they liked it!

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