One Stinking Day in Rotorua

So as I was saying, Rotorua stinks. But it’s so amazing and unique I cared much less than I usually do about stinks.

We crammed as much as we could into our one full day actually taking in some of the local sights (and smells), and it was awesome. I don’t have the energy to describe it all (though I have some observations and thoughts about it all, I swear). But anyway, look at some pics and follow the links: we went to Hell’s Gate (the waterfall is hot! however, the chicks giving each other mud bathes were not there, alas); Whakarewarewa (a “living thermal village”); and Kuirau Park (where stinking pits just hang out in the middle of the town) before “recovering” (such a taxing day looking at amazing nature and learning about culture and history) at the Polynesian Spa.

Because we hate kulchure, we didn’t make it to the museum. Jerks!

Nonetheless, Rotorua was ay-okay.

The Maori God of earthquakes and volcanoes, Ruaumoko:

“Ink Pots” – I don’t remember how hot these are, but the answer is EXTREMELY. All of the pools are. It’s amazing!

After walking through the awesome thermal area of Hell’s Gate, we got to have a mud bath for our feet. The mud felt like silk. Or maybe warm cream, but not gross.

Veggie soup and lamb lasagna for lunch? Followed by birthday cupcakes? Yes please! It was still my birthday in Canada after all.

Even the ground near the thermal pools was warm in the village. And we were allowed to test the water of the bathes – perfect, gorgeous temperature, and silky water from the minerals. I wanted to stay there forever.

Geyser (as viewed from the village; it’s on land nearby)!!

Stinking pit in the park. They should really clean the place up!

From our mineral bath of awesome, we hustled to the lake for a gorgeous sunset with some tasty Waiheke Island wine, before finishing the day with some delicious Mexican food.

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