To the Shire and Beyond

We left Auckland bright and early on Monday, Rotorua-bound. But first we had to drive to Hobbiton, aka, the Shire.

No seriously.

Left over set from the LOTR Trilogy. You can take tours, but they make you sign this somewhat-official-sounding, we-will-sue-you non-disclosure agreement. I tend to follow rules (NEWSFLASH). So what happened at the Shire has to stay at the Shire. But I will say it was more fun than I anticipated, not being a LOTR super-nerd.

So you get road trip pictures (do I need to say it was beautiful?), and some shots of the adorable sheep and lambs which were also on display at the visitors centre. Oh, and the entire way there. Along with lots of cows. Bonafide New Zealand!

*Note: the following posture is not physiotherapist-approved (for me or the sheep, I bet).

We eventually made our way to stinking Rotorua and settled in at a holiday park for a couple of days of local stinking sightseeing.

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