Lazy Sunday

Sunday in Auckland I did sweet #@&! all: slept in while Duncan ran 10km, ate breakfast, lolled around more once Duncan went to work, spent some time in the hotel gym about evenly divided between watching The Simpsons and doing actual exercise.

Does blogging count as doing something?

I didn’t think so.

I finally left the hotel around 3pm to grab some food before watching the last show in Auckland and then sticking around to watch load out. Which was actually way more interesting than I anticipated – and aggravating from the stands, where I could clearly see which local crew members were a little more interested in texting than in working (ANGER). Of course, I might be a slacker too – I’m glad that it’s not my job. I think I make a much better office monkey. I’d post more pictures, but I’m not sure that’s allowed. So here’s one towards the end (2.5 hours after the show ended). And there’s our hotel room/studio apt, too.

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