Happy Accidents

Do you remember the Joy of Painting guy, and how he would insist on calling mistakes or slips of the hand ‘happy accidents’? At least I think he did. 

Anyway, in my Riesling-over haze on Saturday, I again spent the day wandering around and had some happy accidents of my own.

First I walked Duncan to work.

Then I set out thinking I’d find a cafe to read in, and maybe see what was playing around town that night. I’m not a great navigator, though, so instead of ending up in this one cute area I’d seen before, I ended up seeing and doing a couple of other things instead.

I tried to check out the Civic Theatre, one of the last “atmospheric theatres” (a la movie palaces, I believe), but she’s not open to the public unless a show is on. Bad luck.

After poking in some pretty shops with pretty things, I ended up back at Aotea Square, where I watched the welcome ceremony for the All Blacks (oh hai I’m in NZ stealing ur Rugby)

First this lady sang (while the weather changed every five seconds)

When the bus showed up there was a traditional Maori blessing. And a lot of excited, but ultimately very polite and restrained fans – which made it hard to get good pictures, but you kind of get the idea.

By the time I’d stood there for 30 minutes it was damn cold, so I wandered back over to something I’d passed by earlier on a wrong turn – the art gallery, which was just reopening after a long renovation and celebrating with A Free Entry!

I was all over that free entry. I kind of blitzed the gallery (don’t you know by now what an unkultrd idjt I am?), but the reno itself was really nicely done – beautiful new sections flowing into the old

I hustled back to the hotel for a quick dinner, as I bought a ticket earlier for the New Zealand National Youth Orchestra at the Town Hall (um, please note all of this was within 20 minutes of the hotel. Auckland, she’s not huge, just all uphill).

I gotta say, the Town Hall is a cool venue.

The orchestra was awesome. I was mostly intrigued by the brief mention in the advertising of the ‘organ virtuoso’, and I’m so glad I bought a ticket. The soloist, Cameron Carpenter, was totally ridiculous and impressive as $#%^.

It’s definitely not possible that I had to slide down in my seat in the second half and kind of rest my chin down a bit to avoid being caught with a case of the heavy head jerks. NosirnotmenowayIlovekulchur.

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