Waiheke Island Wednesday

Wednesday was another day off work, so we took a trip to nearby Waiheke Island. It’s part of Auckland in terms of local government. Around 1500 of the 8000 residents do the daily commute via a 40-minute ferry ride. I do not feel sorry for these people; they have it made.

Waiheke is like Prince Edward County in Ontario on super stun – wineries, amazing countryside, beaches… I can’t do it justice so look at some pictures

Arriving into port – that house on the hill also had horses, so it’s basically Duncan’s retirement dream.

This beach made me blurt out “everything awesome all the time always!!”

After a 1.5 hour tour ‘round the island, we stopped for lunch. We tried to pick out some sweet guns for our dads, but the selection was too overwhelming.

Our tour bus driver said that the summer population swells to about 30,000 which I’m sure puts a slight damper on the awesomeness – of course, it probably also means that the wineries are open all day, as we seemed to miss the ones accessible by bus and had to settle for sampling the local wines (and olive oil ZOMG) in a shop in town, and then on a beach front cafe.

SUFFERING. I really don’t know how we managed. LOOK AT HOW TERRIBLE IT WAS

When we got back to town we originally thought we’d walk to one of the more famous wineries but decided instead to take a leisurely stroll back to the ferry and watch the sunset.

For our final act on the island, we found Nemo washed up on the beach and decorated him with various beach debris. Ah, vacation.

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