Volcanic Thursday

Dunc didn’t have to work until 5 on Thursday, so we took a boat over to Rangitoto, one of the many (mostly dormant) volcanoes (in and) around Auckland. It was, like everything else, stunningly beautiful. The hour walk to the summit was all lush ferns, lichen, fuzzy moss, black volcanic rock, and fast-moving rain showers. There’s a big crater at the top, and a view of Auckland and the surrounds that’ll take your breath away.

The docking area. No stores on Rangitoto.

Piles of volcanic rock with morning dew. It’s bizarre; it looks like someone tore up a parking lot and left all this asphalt in heaps around the island. Except no! Nature!

Crater! You can’t really tell, but it was very cool.

Rangitoto was used as a watch tower during WWII. Lookout!

Unfortunately, a bunch of our pictures from the top turned out blurry. But it was awesome.

Back at the bottom, waiting for our ferry pick up. Where the weather changed at least 3 times.

Not bad for a half-day jaunt out of the city.

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