Toronto – Auckland

My cousin refers to Air Canada as ‘Dominatrix Airlines: you pay women to yell at you!’. I used to think it was a little harsh but am more tempted to agree after my flight from TO – LA. Is it really such a terrible idea to let passengers know why there is a delay in boarding? Or to, I dunno, give away some food to help make up for the lack of in-flight entertainment? Most of all, is it that difficult to be nice to a high strung passenger worried about her connection, even if the connecting airline “isn’t even part of Star Alliance”?

There were a couple of stand outs who made the whole thing more bearable, but on the whole it was pretty grim.

By contrast, as soon as I got to the Qantas check-in desk it was sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. They even had some bluebirds ready to pin my hair back so I would stay fresh for the 13.5 hour flight. And although my travel agent neglected to get my meal request on my itinerary, it didn’t matter. The mahi mahi was surprisingly good, and was washed down quite nicely by the FOUR SEATS I HAD TO MYSELF.

I fully intended to show up in Auckland a Royal Hot Mess, but instead, felt almost human and amazingly alert. I even had time to shower off the 24 hours of travel and jump in a cab to meet running husband at the end of his first ever half marathon. I got there in time, despite the cab driver having little to no idea where I needed to go.

The setting was beautiful:

I waited at the finish line for about 25 minutes, amidst lots of clapping and whooping as others crossed – and stories of running across that beach, and up a volcano. Might explain why this one chick had to go vomit in the bushes before crossing the finish line. Which is, as far as I’m concerned, further proof that us non-runners are the sane ones.

Fortunately, this guy didn’t have to stop to hurl:

Nice work babe!

After waiting for his even crazier friends to finish the full marathon, we basically had time for me to have a brief nap (which involved a lot of chatting and being wide awake), before we had to get some costumes. For a costume party. The original Lord of the Rings theme had morphed into ‘epic movies’. What’s more epic than Wayne’s World?

Husband and work buddy were Wayne and Garth and had figured out that I could be Garth’s girlfriend in Wayne’s World 2 – Honey Hornée. Who’s that? My question exactly. Oh well. She does exist. Here’s our approximation of the happy couple:

You shoulda seen the Wayne; he was uncanny.

I lasted about 60 minutes at the party before jet lag finally kicked me in the ass – hard – and knocked me out for a solid 10 hours.

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