Partyin Partyin (Yeah!)

Duncan had two shows on Friday, so I spent the day wandering around, visiting some sights he’d already seen in the week before I got here.


I walked up Mount Eden, another one of the many volcanoes. I have a thing for flowering trees, FYI.

Town Hall at Aotea Square

Town Hall lobby – it’s a large concert venue.

The University of Auckland campus is across the street from the hotel. Guess what? It’s got a lot of flowering trees. A++.

The Maidment Theatre was previewing the End of the Golden Weather. Little did I know that it is, apparently, a quintessential New Zealand play – or so the program would have me believe. Originally a one-man show, this was the “company version”. There were some really lovely performances. Some bits I wasn’t so sure about, but I can’t be totally fair, as sitting in a warm, dark room after walking around all day – and possibly still being jet lagged – led to some horrifyingly embarrassing head jerks during the second half. I’m such an unkultered asshole. At least I didn’t snore?

This didn’t stop me from joining Duncan and some colleagues in the hotel bar and becoming well-acquainted with a delicious NZ Riesling whose name escapes me. I repeat: unkultured jerk. It only mildly screwed me up the next day…

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